The Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA) is an accredited student association, comprised by all students enrolled in a Major, Minor or Specialization within the Fine Arts. FASA is funded by all Fine Arts students through a fee levy of $2.60 per credit.

The Alliance is run by five elected Coordinators, who manage day-to-day operations, alongside an office administrator and the Board of Directors, which is made up of delegates from Fine Art Clubs and Affiliates. The Coordinator positions are: the General Coordinator, Clubs and Services Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, Student Life Coordinator, and Finance Coordinator. They work together to program a wide range of diverse events and activities on campus as well as in the Montreal community, administer Special Project Grants, support Fine Arts clubs, and seek out various ways to represent and recognize Concordia’s creative community.

FASA is committed to being an open, inclusive organization that recognizes diversity, and to promoting access and inclusion to communities traditionally marginalized based on gender, sexual orientation, race, economic status, language ability, religion preference, age, ability, and other intersecting forms of oppression. FASA further recognizes that issues of power and privilege and underlying, often unspoken, ideologies of domination and subordination, often reinforce and maintain our organizational hierarchies. Therefore FASA chooses to operate within a framework of anti-oppression.

To see a full list as to what is happening, please go to the FASA Events page.



Coordinator Nominees for the 2021-22 School Year! ⭐

Clubs and Services Coordinator: Catherine Reynolds & Maddi Berger,

Finance Coordinator: Alex Vermey & Damien J. Ul

General Coordinator: Aaliyah Crawford & Sierra Shaw

Outreach Coordinator: Léa Boucher & Rosi Maria Di Meglio

Student Life Coordinator: Claire Sigal, Emem Etti, Kai Corrigan & Valeria Ortiz