FASA is also looking for Board of Directors. We are looking for representatives from each of the following programs: 2 representatives from Studio Arts, 1 representative from: Dance, Theatre, Cinema, Art History, Art Education, Design and Computation Arts, Music. There is also 1 representative from each of the five Fine Art Affiliates: Art Matters, VAV Gallery, Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History (CUJAH), Fine Arts Reading Room (FARR), and Cafe X.

**If you are interested in joining the FASA Board of Directors, or would like to be involved, please send a letter of intent to fasa@concordia.ca by no later than September 18th.**

If applying, you will be required to present yourself at FASA’s upcoming General Meeting in order to be voted into our Board of Directors. For more information about FASA’s upcoming General Meeting, go here: http://fasaconcordia.com/event/general-meeting/