FASA Craft Fair

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Special Project Grant Deadline

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Art Consignment Shop – Winter Vernissage

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Fine Arts Student Alliance General Meeting January 25th 2016

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Special General Meeting & Mobilization Team

We’ve announced our Special General Meeting, happening November 2nd at 6pm. We’ll be outlining austerity, what it means to the Fine Arts community at Concordia (you!) and giving everyone a chance to get informed and speak on the matter. In anticipation for the event, we have organized a Mobilization Team to begin thinking about the involvement of Concordia’s Fine Arts community in this fall upcoming austerity protest. The first meeting is tomorrow, October 27th, at 5PM in the VA 025!

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FASA Call-Out for Board of Directors

FASA is also looking for Board of Directors. We are looking for representatives from each of the following programs: 2 representatives from Studio Arts, 1 representative from: Dance, Theatre, Cinema, Art History, Art Education, Design and Computation Arts, Music. There is also 1 representative from each of the five Fine Art Affiliates: Art Matters, VAV Gallery, Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History (CUJAH), Fine Arts Reading Room (FARR), and Cafe X.

**If you are interested in joining the FASA Board of Directors, or would like to be involved, please send a letter of intent to fasa@concordia.ca by no later than September 18th.**

If applying, you will be required to present yourself at FASA’s upcoming General Meeting in order to be voted into our Board of Directors. For more information about FASA’s upcoming General Meeting, go here: http://fasaconcordia.com/event/general-meeting/

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Come to our Student Faculty Luncheon! This will be a great opportunity for you to network with other Fine Arts students as well as your professors and the rest of the Fine Arts faculty! Free food and drinks are provided and CJLO will be DJing!

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TAKE ACTION FINAL CONCERT ft. MSTRKRFT, Saxsyndrum, Un, Dead Horse Beats.

Pick up tickets at the CSU office or at any of the ticket booths the CSU will have set up throughout Orientation! Tickets will be sold for $12 if you buy them during Orientation.
LOCATION SAT – Société des Arts Technologiques, 1201 Boul St-Laurent
DATE September 25th

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Grant Writing Workshop: September 21st, 1-3pm in the VAV Gallery

Come learn about how to apply for a grant! This is super helpful information for any fine arts students who don’t have the money to pay for their own art projects. Learn about how you can make your dreams come true!

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Welcome Breakfast: September 16th, 9-11am at the VA Building

Cafe X will once again be serving free coffee, and we will be serving free bagels with your choice of various condiments. Stop by to learn more about Cafe X and grab some of their excellent coffee! There might even be a surprise waiting for you there.

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