Annual General Elections

Elections 2019/20

Monday May 4th, Tuesday May 5th 2020

Only students enrolled in a Major, Minor or Specialization in the Fine Arts at Concordia are eligible to vote.

Coordinator Nominees

The following people are running for positions in FASA’s 2020/21 Coordinator Team:

General Coordinator: Aaliyah Crawford & Samantha Leger
Finance Coordinator: Emile Phaneuf, Tiana Atherton, Lili Kong & Diana Lukic
Student Life Coordinator: Adam Mbowe, Anni Jefferson & Sanjeev Mannan
Outreach Coordinator: Madison Berger
Clubs & Services Coordinator: McKay Hacro & Joel Young

Referendum Question

The following referendum question will be put to FASA’s membership in our upcoming elections:

Do you agree to increase VAV Gallery to increase its fee levy to $ 1.00 per credit  (an increase of $0.15 per credit from $0.85 per credit) from all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Fine Arts, for the VAV Gallery, to be implemented with registration for the Summer 2020 (2020/1) term, in accordance with the University’s tuition, refund and withdrawal policy?

2020-2021 VAV Year Plan

VAV Gallery Website


General Coordinator

Samantha Leger

My name is Samantha Leger and I’m running for General Coordinator because I’m passionate about student involvement in our community! If elected, my goal would be to increase the visibility of FASA through social media presence, in-class visits, and events on-campus to get more students involved and their voices heard. As a member of numerous interdisciplinary clubs at Concordia, I appreciate the benefit of collaboration between programs and faculties and would also be interested in establishing partnerships with other student groups to organize more events such as networking cocktails, workshops, and Frosh activities. Feel free to contact me with questions/comments/suggestions! <3

Aaliyah Crawford

Over the last year, I decided to become more involved. I am now on the Fine Arts Reading Room BoD, an Event Coordinator at Yiara, the Volunteer Coordinator at Art Matters Festival,  FASA’s Chairperson and an executive at the Queer Print Club! My work in these groups changed my undergraduate experience by highlighting the power in being involved. They also allow me to hear concerns from students, which has led me to seek this new position. As General Coordinator I would strive to make involvement feel accessible to all students, bringing the joy they have brought to me, to you.

Finance Coordinator

Émile Phaneuf

Valid experience:
– Association Undergrad Sculpture executive
– FASA Board of Directors
– Twice Juror for FASA Special Project Grants

Mission: I want to actively participate to the administrative branch of a broader progression
towards a more inclusive and sustainable studying environment. May it be to implement a club
sustainability politic, financially support projects that care for marginalized communities,
advocate for climate justice or even discuss the use of paper plates at club meetings, these are
all steps in the right direction.

Tiana Atherton

My name is Tiana Atherton and I am a 3rd year student in Fibres and Material Practices. I’m so
excited for the chance to be your next Financial Coordinator! I have lots of experience handling
group funded and spent money through my last 2 years in club and event planning. I share
FASA’s values for anti-oppression and sustainability and I have a lot to offer with my community
building and financial skills. I care deeply about connecting students with the unique resources,
advocacy and community our department offers, from clubs to project funding, so they can
thrive outside the classroom!

Lili Kong

Hi! I’m Lili. I am very happy to apply to FASA Financial Coordinator. I major in painting and drawing. I worked as a purchaser and finance coordinator, responsible for communication and payment with suppliers before I entered the university. Currently, I’m a member of Concordia Ceramics Student Association. The qualifications of the financial coordinator match my mathematic ability, working experience and interests. If I can get in, I will work for a better environment in VA building, including water supply, air quality and garbage recycling. I am a quick learner, responsible and easy to get along with.

Diana Lukic

Student Life Coordinator

Annie Jefferson

Hi! I’m Anni (they/them)

You’re most likely to find me hunkered down in the ceramics studio or in line at People’s Potato.

Over the past year I’ve been an active member of FASA as a BOD member and I’m so excited to be running for student life coordinator!

In this position I would strive to advocate for accessibility within fine art spaces and groups, center the voices of marginalized groups, encourage sustainable practices whenever possible, and to build upon the culture of collaboration and community that I see within the fine arts community at Concordia.

Adam Mbowe

Hello! My name is Adam! I would love to represent the Fine Arts student body as the Student Life Coordinator.  I try to live life with optimism, open-mindedness and consistency and I vow to commit to the position of Student Life Coordinator accordingly.  Cheers!

Sanjeev Mannan

“I am Sanjeev. I am 2nd year student of Acting for Theatre. I have past experience in Computer Science field. Trying to see how I can use my artistic and Tech experience to do something good for ALL OF US

Outreach Coordinator

Madison Berger

Hello all! My name is Maddi Berger and I’m running for Communications/Outreach Coordinator at FASA! I’m in my third year studying Print Media at Concordia, where I have had the pleasure of working alongside many incredible students within the Fine Arts community. Currently, I am a member of the Fine Arts Reading Room Board of Directors, and hold a position as an executive member of the Queer Print Club. If elected as FASA’s Outreach Coordinator, I would use my position to better our University by creating policy changes within FASA to improve shared student spaces and fight for climate justice.

Clubs & Services Coordinator

Joel Young

Joel Young is an artist, writer and cultural worker based in Montréal, Canada (Tio’tia:ke). Since beginning his BFA in Studio Arts at Concordia in 2018, he has worked with the Art Matters Festival (Administrative and Financial Coordinator, 2020), the Fine Arts Reading Room (Board of Directors, 2019), and the Fine Arts Student Alliance (Board of Directors, 2020). Joel’s outgoing nature and passion for helping students realize their creative projects make him a perfect candidate for FASA’s next Clubs and Services Coordinator.

McKay Hacro