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At the upcoming General Meeting (dates to be announced shortly), we will be announcing the new 2020/21 Bylaws. We found the 2019/20 Bylaws to be inaccessible, convoluted, and an inaccurate representation of FASA’s day-to-day practices. The new Bylaws, which have been an ongoing project for the past year, accurately describe FASA’s practices in a way that is both accessible and concise. We at FASA have been operating under these new Bylaws, which have been approved by our governance committee, and ask that you take the time to review them before they are ratified at the upcoming General Meeting by our members. We thank you for your time and consideration, and invite you to send any questions or comments to our General Coordinator at or our Office Coordinator at

Copy of 4.0 NEW FASA Bylaws 2020_21

FASA Bylaws

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Solidarity Statement for Wet’suwet’en

Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement and Fundraiser

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