Affiliate Organizations levy their fees independently from FASA or have procured space within Concordia University independent of FASA. Affiliate Organizations are considered to represent all students as their mandates are fairly broad and thus they are an essential part of the FASA Council of Representatives. The Affiliate Organizations within the fine arts are: Art Matters Festival, Concordia Undergraduate Journal or Art History (CUJAH), the VAV Gallery and the Fine Arts Reading Room (FARR).

 Art Matters

Art Matters is a student-run art festival that showcases the diversity of Concordia University’s artistic community. The festival promotes emerging talent and provides participants with professional experience by working alongside cultural institutions, galleries, and artist-run centers. The Art Matters festival has exhibited work produced by Concordia undergraduate students in the fields of dance, video, music, design, creative writing, theatre and the visual arts. Annually occurring in mid-March, Art Matters features three weeks of exhibitions curated by Concordia students in venues throughout the city and hosts many special events such as vernissages, an opening party featuring live performances, and a lecture series of talks and workshops hosted by professional artists.

The Art Matters Festival is a fee-levy organisation created by and for the undergraduate students of Concordia University. We provide emerging artists and curators opportunities to promote and develop their practices by bringing the emerging and the established together. We commit to promoting a diverse range of artistic approaches and processes. We aim to facilitate communication and dialogue within the community of Concordia University and Montreal at large.We strive to be inclusive and encourage diversity. Each year, the Art Matters Festival is an epicentre for the growth and celebration of art, community, and education.


The Concordia Undergraduate Journal of Art History is a student-run annual publication that aims to showcase the talents of Concordia University’s undergraduate Art History and Fine Arts students. CUJAH is composed of an executive committee of editors, copy editors, feature writers, and is assisted by faculty members in the Department of Art History. CUJAH has also expanded into the realm of feature writing, promoting artists and events within the Concordia Fine Arts community and in Montreal at large. In addition to the publication of our annual journal and web publication of features, CUJAH also hosts Concordia University’s Annual Undergraduate Art History Conference, a series of workshops throughout the year, and a whole bunch of other exciting events, including an Art History mixer and bake sales.


The Fine Arts Reading Room is a student-run library and resource centre, located on the 2nd floor of Concordia’s EV Building. We provide students with alternative resources from rare to small press material, as well as loans from our collection of historical and contemporary art publications. We offer access to computers, printing, research support and funding through our annual residency project and small publishing grants. Come hang out! We can help you do school.

VAV Gallery

The VAV Gallery is a democratically run student exhibition space located within the Visual Arts building of Concordia; the address is 1395 Rene Levesque Boulevard O. We seek to reflect the excellence and diversity of artworks created within the Concordia community. We strive to create an accessible space that welcomes the general public as well as students and faculty members.  The VAV seeks to support emerging artists by acting as both an exhibition space and as a resource center that offers workshops, lectures by visiting artists and special exhibitions such as the Graduating Students Exhibition. Students can get involved by sitting on a selection jury, volunteering their time for various VAV Gallery initiatives, by participating as an artist or curator in the space, by running to become a member of the gallery’s Board of Directors and by assuming the positions of VAV co-directors and gallery technician.