special project grant
A Special Project Grant or “SPG” is a grant given to Fine Arts Students (be they in a major or a minor) to support both individual and group projects. As a member of the Fine Arts Student Alliance, a part of the fees that are levied from you every semester is dedicated towards these Grants. FASA’s mandate in regards to SPGs is to support projects that will reach a wide number of students at Concordia, particularly those in the Fine Arts community. We are a diverse community and we are looking for projects both theoretical and practical that will allow our membership to be involved either as participants or audience members. Projects do not necessarily have to take place at Concordia, although they should be accessible to Concordia students if they would like to attend.

Each year, FASA receives a portion of its fee levy that is dedicated directly to Special Project Grants. This amount varies from year to year and is based on the number of students enrolled in Fine Arts programs and how many credits they are taking. The amount that FASA receives is split into two equal parts to be distributed during the fall and winter semesters.

Deadlines to apply: 

February 9th 2018

Individual Special Project Grants

Funding for a project being created by one personFunding amount: $0-$250

Moderate Special Project Grant

Funding for a project being created by one or more people. Funding amount: $0-$500

Large Special Project Grant

Funding for a project being created by one or more people. Funding amount: $0-$2000

How To Apply

(1) Read the SPG Guidelines to see if your project is eligible.

(2) Create a budget for your project using the budget guide

(2.1) Special Project Grant Template

(2.2) Special Project Grant Budget Example

(3) Write a 200 word (Individual and Moderate) 300 word (Large) Project Statement,

(4) Write a 500 word (Individual and Moderate) 750 word (Large)Project Description.

(5) Fill out the online submission form for your project which can be found under the Special Project Grant heading.

(6) Contact officefasa@gmail.com if you have any questions.