special project grant
A Special Project Grant or “SPG” is a grant given to undergraduate Fine Arts students at Concordia University (be they in a specialization, major, or minor within the Fine Arts) to support both individual and group projects. FASA’s mandate for the Special Project Grants is to support projects that will reach a wide number of students at Concordia, particularly those within the Fine Arts community. We look to fund a diverse range of projects that will allow our membership to be involved either as participants or audience members.

Each year, a portion of FASA’s fee-levy is dedicated directly to Special Project Grants. This amount varies from year to year and is based on the number of students enrolled in Fine Arts programs and how many credits they are taking. The amount received is split into two equal parts and distributed twice a year, during both the Fall and Winter semesters.

Any undergraduate student enrolled in a Fine Arts course is eligible to receive one Special Project Grant per academic year.

Personal Creation

Up to $200

1-4 people making an art-work together.

Group Collaboration

Up to $700

A closed group such as a class, collective, team, or film crew of 5 or more people creating a project like an artwork, performance, film or exhibition.

Community Contribution

Up to $2000

A project facilitated by a group or club that impacts the broader Fine Arts community or a significant segment of that community, like a department or specialization.

This project should do one of the following:

Impact the community by offering a public workshop, talk, or service;

Involve the community by having an open callout for participation;

Inform the community through a publication, information campaign, or community building event.

*Applicants in this category must make a 10-minute presentation to FASA’s SPG Jury

Applications have now closed!

Winter applicants will receive results on: *February 15th, 2021*

Applications open once in the Fall and once in the Winter semester.

How To Apply

Check out this INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO to help with the online application process!

(1) Read the SPG Handbook to make sure your project is eligible and learn more about the SPG program.

      (1.a) IMPORTANT! If you’re applying for a Community SPG, contact office.fasa@gmail.com at least

      one week prior to the application deadline to ensure your project fits the category’s criteria. 

(2) Create a budget for your project using the budget template below.

      (2.1) Special Project Grant Template

      (2.2) Special Project Grant Budget Example

(3) Write a 100 word Project Statement,

(4) Write a 300 word Project Description.

(5) If you’re applying for a Community SPG, create an Outreach Plan to explain how you’ll get the word

out about your project. You can use this example as a reference. 

(6) Click APPLY HERE and fill out an online application form for your project.

(7) Contact office.fasa@gmail.com if you have any questions.